What is the Wave Energy Club?

The Wave Energy Club (WEC) is an organisation that brings together those interested in ocean wave energy in an informal, accessible, and social setting. The purpose of the club is to share ideas and build networks in the field of wave energy. We believe that creating a social club is the best way to develop relationships and trust needed for sharing ideas.

Who is it for?

You! The WEC is open to anyone interested in wave energy. It is for those who work in wave energy and other offshore energy fields. It is for people in industry, government and academia. We are welcoming to anyone interested in learning more about wave energy or who would like to get involved in the field.


The club holds semi-regular “Pubinars” (about 5 times per year) at the Golf Tavern in Edinburgh, Scotland that consist of one or two presentations centred around a wave energy related topic. Finger foods are typically provided, and bar service is available.

We also organise the occasional meet-up (including our annual Christmas dinner), which are often timed around a relevant conference or event. These are held at a bar/restaurant (not necessarily the Golf Tavern), but without a talk.

Check out our upcoming Events and past Events.

Where are they held?

Pubinars are held upstairs at:

The Golf Tavern
30-31 Wrights Houses,
Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, EH10 4HR


When are they held?

We aim to organise 5 talks per year, 2 in the autumn, and 3 in the winter/spring/early summer.

What time do they start?

For Pubinars, we open doors at 7:30, and the talks start around 8.

Topics covered

In no particular order:

  1. Structural design
  2. Investment
  3. Reliability
  4. Survivability
  5. Markets
  6. Basic Physics
  7. Power take off
  8. Controls
  9. Prime mover
  10. Supply chain
  11. Operations and Maintenance
  12. Mooring
  13. Numerical modelling
  14. Tank testing