First Wave Energy Club Meetup – Wednesday, 30 November 2016


The first Wave Energy Club (WEC) meetup took place at the Golf Tavern in Edinburgh, Scotland on Wednesday, 30 November, 2016.

It was a busy, marine-energy, week in Edinburgh, with events including the SuperGen Assembly,  the OPIN workshop, and the inaugural Wave Energy Scotland Conference.

The WEC meetup was very well received with 30+ attendees, a short presentation on the aims of the club, and a lot of wave energy talk. There was about a 50/40/10 split of industry/academia/non-academic researchers.

Prior to the meetup, we sent out a survey question that asked: What do you think are the best ways to improve the commercial viability of wave energy? The responses are shown in the plot above. As you can see that structural costs are a big concern… Hopefully, we can perhaps get someone in to speak about this at a future event.

We are planning on having the next meet up in February, 2017. Details to come!

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