Stephen Salter Pubinar – Wednesday, 4 October, 2017

It was my turn to arrange a pubinar, and as I’ve been helping Professor Salter archive the old Edinburgh Wave Power Project reports, he was the obvious person to ask. Please put the following date in your diaries:

Wednesday, 4 October
The Golf Tavern, 30-31 Wrights Houses, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, EH10 4HR (

The British wave power programme that started in 1974 was an ambitious project. It funded some quite impressive work that has been all but forgotten now. I was hoping Stephen would talk a little about his views on the competeing concepts, but he says he doesn’t like being critical and so he has decided to focus on what we got right and what the programme has taught us.

Douglas Rogers from Edinburgh Designs (who are sponsoring the buffet) will begin the evening with a short talk on his experiences working on wave makers in the Edinburgh Wave Power Project, and how this lead to the formation of Edinburgh Designs.

Image Credit

Photo by Jamie Taylor, The Univeristy of Edinburgh

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