Water and other uses for waves – Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Wednesday, 25 September 2019
Doors at 7:30pm, talks start at 8.
The Golf Tavern, 30-31 Wrights Houses, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, EH10 4HR (www.golftavern.co.uk)

Talk 1: Waves to Water

Marcus Gay           rm-logo

Marcus Gay, VP of Product Development at Resolute Marine Energy

Resolute Marine Energy is developing a wave energy technology focused exclusively on seawater reverse osmosis. In this talk, Marcus Gay, VP of Product Development will discuss the rationale for focusing on water as a product, what challenges that presents and the progress that Resolute Marine Energy has made on this over the past 10 years. The talk will highlight three points:

1) Innovation timelines in the water-tech & marine-tech industry is measured in decades

2) Innovation must be focused on a tight ‘product-market-fit’

3) Niche-markets can often be a great ‘beach head’ for a product if your product is a platform-product, upon which other market-applications can be addressed. 

Resolute Marine has developed a unique technology that harnesses ocean wave energy to produce fresh water in areas where large-scale seawater desalination plants are too expensive and take too long to build and where diesel-electric systems deliver limited quantities of high-cost water and add significant costs and environmental risks. Our mission is to significantly improve access to water for coastal populations and industrial/agricultural operations in developing countries and small island developing states (SIDS) and to displace the diesel-electric desalination system that are currently in wide use worldwide.

Our Wave2OTM technology is a cost-effective, highly scalable “renewable water” solution that enables water resource managers to align supply and demand in water-stressed areas that would otherwise be overlooked and where Wave2OTM has compelling economic advantages over both large-scale, centralized desalination plants and smaller-scale diesel-driven desalination systems. The ocean is a vast and largely untapped renewable energy resource that can be harnessed to support sustainable development while, at the same time, significantly reducing the carbon emissions that contribute to ocean acidification, temperature rise and other threats to ocean health. Ocean waves are ideally suited to power desalination plants because of their superior energy density, consistency and predictability compared to other renewable energy resources like wind and solar. While building its execution capabilities and achieving its business objectives, Resolute is firmly committed to upholding the highest standards of ocean sustainability while delivering exceptional triple-bottom-line returns to stakeholders in terms of financial, social and environmental benefits.

Talk 2: Bridge Markets for Marine Energy

Adrian X     xodus_logo

Adrian de Andreas, Principal Consultant at Xodus Group

Marine energy has reached a pre-commercial level with flagship projects such as Meygen, however the absence of revenue stream and feed in tariffs puts pre-commercial and future commercial projects in danger due to the unavailability of pre-commercial finance. Marine energy has so far tried to go from a prototype development scale to utility scale generation, however due to the competition from other renewables sources this proves to be very challenging. There is a potential intermediate step in this commercialization path where marine energy could be viable in isolated locations with a high cost of energy and in applications such as desalination or aquaculture. Examples of this type of locations constitute the Canary Islands, Mauritius, Fiji etc. Some of these locations have Levelized cost of Energy ranging from 30 p/kWh to 100 p/kWh as they are mostly diesel dependent. Marine energy technologies could become a greener option for these markets as well as providing an intermediate step for marine energy developers to test their technology in a less competitive market compared with the utility market. This presentation will outline the locations of these markets as well as the potential from a resource perspective and the timing of the opportunity based on the predicted learning in the next years.

Adrian is a civil engineer with extensive economics, finance and commercial experience having worked in academia, project development and consultancy sectors. Adrian is currently a Principle Consultant at Xodus joining after working for B&V as Senior and Principal Consultant. Adrian has 9 years of experience in offshore renewables, having worked in a variety of projects with project and technology developers across wave, tidal and floating wind. Adrian holds a PhD in techno-economic assessment of wave energy converters and has assessed and advised more than 10 wave & tidal technologies. Adrian was seconded to MeyGen (tidal developer) in 2016 and participated in the project development fort the MeyGen 1B and 1C projects. Specifically he led the cost reduction working group for Atlantis in order to achieve commercialisation (CfD for MeyGen 1C). Currently at Xodus Adrian works in a variety of offshore renewables projects, advising both technology and project developers across a range of technologies.

Brought to you by Xodus Group!

Xodus Group Logo

Xodus Group is one of the world’s leading offshore energy consultancies providing technical, environmental and engineering support to a wide range of clients within the oil and gas and offshore wind and marine renewables (wave and tidal) industries. Xodus was established in 2006 and has around 250 staff, with two large hub offices (Aberdeen and London) with satellite offices throughout the UK. The integration of technical advisory, engineering, management consultancy, environmental and social assessment, and sustainability appraisal not only enables us to provide a holistic support service to clients but creates a platform for sharing ideas and lessons learned from different industries and across teams, enabling us to continuously develop and enhance our offering to clients


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