Decarbonisation – Our Apollo Mission?

This event was planned earlier this year, but had to be delayed due to travel disruption. It has now been rescheduled. Please note the change in venue.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019
Doors at 7:30pm, talk starts at 8pm
The Old Bell Inn,  233-235 Causewayside, Edinburgh, EH9 1PH (


Neil Kermode was ten when the moon landings happened and left an indelible stamp of wonder on what was achieved. Having managed EMEC for nearly 14 years he sees how the scale and passion of marine development can be mapped and compared to that of 2 generations ago. Through its recent work in making hydrogen and now in energy systems EMEC finds itself in a unique place in Scotland’s energy story. By drawing out technical details and some comparisons Neil will seek to show how we should make decarbonisation Scotland’s Apollo Mission.

Image Credit:

‘Earthrise’ by NASA’s Bill Anders, fownloaded from Wikipedia.


There will be a buffet provided, kindly sponsored by Leask Marine Ltd, who provide vessel charter, commercial diving and international marine construction services.




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